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The professional electronic espresso machine WEGA My Concept EVD is part of the Energy line, as the final expression of technology in support of environmental sustainability. This innovative model has a completely changed design and offers maximum efficiency through energy saving functions up to 30% in the operational phase.

White color
Other colors available: matte black
Customizable 5 "Touch Display
Touch buttons with retro lighting (with 6 selectable doses)
Customizable menu
No. of groups: 2
Personalized presentation with the loading of the desired images or logos
Steam boiler capacity: 8 liters (3,000 W)
Group boiler capacity: 1.2 liters each
Electronic temperature control in boilers
GreenLine technology
Multiboiler technology (separate boiler for each group)
Maximum cup height: 122 mm
Consumption metering
Night standby function
5 levels of safety for the steam boiler
4 safety levels for group boilers
USB port
Hot water for tea
Cup heater with electronic control
Pressure indicator on the display
Humidity indicator detected by the hygrometer
Indication of the pressure from the water network
Automatic disconnection of the resistance at a boiler pressure of 1.5 bar
Opening the safety valve when 2 bars are touched
Temperature sensor (detaches resistance at 130 ° C)
Boiler safety sensor (detaches resistance at 169 ° C)
Counter for each group
Energy saving option
Side panels and preparation area illuminated with LED
Stopwatch to check cooking time
Network connection: YES
Voltage: 230 V
Power: 4,000 W
Power / group: 150 W
Dimensions (W x D x H): 80 x 60 x 59 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Originally from Italy
White color
Used ground coffee
Automatic espresso type
Make 2 coffees yes
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