Astoria Espresso Storm 4000

Information: 0257 270850 / 0744 635132


With Storm the espresso machine goes back to being a protagonist of the architectonic ambient that surrounds it. A symbol of that specific space, the intermediator between barista and the client, the stage to a theatrical scene, the scene of espresso preparation, which repeatedly exhibits it’s beauty. This is the philosophical foundation of Storm. A product that combines ergonomics, design, science, technology and emotion in relation with barista and client as main beneficiaries to the product itself. Storm is a competition machine that incorporates the state of the art technology for Italian espresso coffee preparation, with manual control levers giving barista complete control over speed, temperature and pre infusion timing parameters for a perfectly calibrated extraction based on the specific coffee bled in use. A true instrument to experiment and formulate the perfect coffee.

Storm is the new machine for preparation of espresso coffee born from collaboration between Astoria and Adriano Design.