Saeco Iperautomatica Premium

Information: 0257 270850 / 0744 635132


Simple concept and functional design. Resistance and the ability to fit any decor are the essence of IperAutomatica, an automatic coffee machine that knows how to accompany you in your daily life and work. The decisive and well-structured style of IperAutomatica, inspired by the search for beauty, blends well with both the minimal environments and the most sophisticated architectural contexts of modern workspaces.
The Saeco Iper Automatica coffee machine offers an innovative and versatile solution for small businesses, offices and Ho.Re.Ca (hotel, restaurant, catering) as well as stores with medium consumption (30-50 drinks / day).
Professional components (preparation unit, coffee grinder, boiler)
Modular internal parts (modules: soluble, coffee grinder, coffee and water) for easy maintenance
High distribution compartment (145 mm)
Customizable labels
Circuit that allows the personalization of recipes, the use of the main protocols of the payment system (MDB, BDV, Executive) and the recording of statistical data through an EVA-DTS protocol.
Keyboard with 8 direct selections
Monochrome graphic display

Type: Automatic

Recessed Type: Standard

Use: Commercial

Coffee Used: Coffee beans

Drink Tip: Espresso, Coffee, Coffee Milk, Stained Milk, Cappuccino

Coffee Compartment Capacity: 1000 g

Milk Compartment Capacity: 350 g

Chocolate Compartment Capacity: 900 g

Waste compartment capacity: 25 drinks

Water Tank Capacity: 4 l

Descaling: Automatic

Power: 1550 W

Number of Prepared Products: 8

Milk Foaming System: Automatic

Height Adjustable Device: 145 mm

Power Type: 220-240-120 V / 50-60 Hz

Color: Black

Dimensions: 346 x 547 x 542 mm

Weight: 31.3 kg

Fins: Compatible with payment system