Saeco Phedra Evo

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Saeco Phedra Evo is a distributor-type semi-automatic table-top, ideal for all places with an average flow of visitors because of its minimal footprint and simple installation. Among the models Table-Top, Phedra Evo is characterized by its ability to provide a fairly wide range of drinks in a small space. Office, hotel, a cafe or a restaurant, coffee prepared with Phedra Evo is always a genuine pleasure.

Designed to be loved.
The new design of Phedra Evo model was developed to make your coffee breaks will be more pleasant. It is evident attention to detail that characterizes Saeco products here by elegant lines and colors, innovative functions and quietness device. Kir drink choice is made easier through the interface with capacitive touch buttons with icons easy to understand and a color screen 3.5 ".

Details that matter.
Not all people equally important attribute for details. For the most demanding users, Phedra Evo offers some advantages that make this device a gem, such as LED lighting in the area of ??dosing and backlit touch buttons. Phedra functions and aesthetics make Evo the perfect solution for elegant places, where everything is chosen with special care. A coffee break, that delights all the senses!

Technical specifications

Technical specifications:
- Dimensions (w x h x d) 393 x 695 x 508 mm
- Weight: 36.5 kg
- Color: Black

Electrical specifications:
- Power supply: 220-240V / 50-60Hz
- Power: 1650 W

Water System Specifications:
- Storage capacity: 300 cc
- Boiler Steam: No
- Boiler material: Brass

Camera connection:
- The device is connected to the water
- Plug connection to the water: 3/4 "

Other specifications:
- coffee group: 9 gr.
- Number mixers 2
- automatically Cappuccini: No
- Mills: Yes
- Pre-infusion electronics: Yes
- automatic cleaning function Cappuccini: No

- Container coffee beans: 1
- Instant product container 3
- coffee grounds container pills: 50 pills

Container Capacity:
- Container coffee beans: 1 kg
- Container instant coffee: 0.33 kg
- Container freshly roasted coffee: No
- Container milk powder: 0.65 kg
- Container chocolate: 1.75 kg
- tea container: 1.5 kg

- TFT color display 3.5 ": Yes
- Number of Selections: 8
- Number of preselections 2