Saeco Incanto

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Saeco Incanto super automatic Espresso

Stylish. Impressive quality coffee

Latte Macchiato delicious with a touch of a button

Saeco Incanto sets a new standard in its category. The front, refined stainless steel contains high quality Italian technology, designed to prepare a perfect coffee every time.

Advanced technology to get the perfect coffee

  • 100% of the coffee extract using ceramic grinder
  • With rapid heating boiler with hot coffee you will enjoy almost instantly
  • Cappucino and Latte Macchiato and hot delicious with a single touch

A variety of coffees, customized to your taste

  • With the touch of a button, you can prepare a variety of specialty coffee
  • Function selection and concentration will remember will recall how hard you want coffee
  • Now you can achieve subtle adjustments to the taste and flavor by using adjustable grinder
  • Coffee without caffeine, the same unmistakable flavor, with the option Powder

High comfort is part of the experience

  • Front stainless steel processed with utmost care
  • Preparation unit can be cleaned completely removable in a few moments
  • Automatic cleaning cycle relieves any headaches
  • 5,000 cups of coffee without scaling with Aqua Clean filter

AquaClean filter

Patented innovation from Saeco, AquaClean water filter, guarantees you'll take full advantage of fully automatic coffee machine. By changing the filter every 3 months, you get the benefits of a hygienic clean water, no impurities, and without any hassle for descaling the coffee machine cups 5000 or up to 2 years. As an added benefit, descaling alarm notification is automatically disabled once AquaClean is installed in your favorite coffee.

Rapid heating boiler

When time is critical, the place can get a cup of espresso or cappuccino, thanks to quick heating boiler. Its secret lies in the coating of steel and aluminum, with which you can reach very quickly at high temperatures.

Customize your coffee

Choose your desired concentration of the 5 values ??available. You select the concentration and temperature. You can also save concentration coffee using memory function for each drink. Then each cup will be prepared according to your preferences. You will not have to remind your recipe every time.

100% ceramic grinder

Mills robust, 100% ceramic, will offer pure pleasure for many years. Ceramic components ensure perfect grinding and allow water to flow at a constant flow rate to extract the full essence of beans. Unlike conventional grinders, coffee ceramic material prevents overheating and the appearance of burnt taste.

Many specialty coffee at a touch away

From espresso to latte macchiato, you have available a wide range of options to satisfy your passion for coffee unstoppable. Early morning or evening, after dinner, you can prepare your favorite delicacy with a simple touch of a button.

5 adjustable grinder

When it comes to softness ground coffee, the grinder will not cease to amaze you. Various varieties of coffee require various grain in order to reveal the full medley of flavors. Thus, this mill has 5 adjustable settings - from extremely fine granularity, required a quality espresso, up to a more rough, suited to a less weak coffee.