Saeco Rubino 200

Information: 0257 270850 / 0744 635132


Rubino 200 distributor latest design and technical performance peak. It is designed specifically for small and medium sites. Glasses Capacity: up to 195

User Interface
Direct access buttons for selecting keyboard with eight drinks
2 buttons for preselection sugar
Option 2 keys audition setting
one for decaffeinated / barley and one for the option without glass
Alphanumeric display, 20 characters 6 to 9 gr gr adjustable dosing
Improved water circuit
Standard process for all types
Settings personalizablle
High safety for the user and operator High quality espresso, easy cleaning and maintenance
Steel casing
Thermoplastic door
Coffee bean container transparent thermoplastic cover
Containers and tanks in contact with food grade of propylene approved
Warning signal termination water, coffee and glasses
The software to set the maximum number of cycles allowed to empty coffee waste box
Electronically controlled boiler temperature
Internal moisture collector and additional collector steam for the distribution of products
Brat release removable cups for easy inspection and cleaning
Pump 60W electromagnetic vibrations
Anti-overflow device
Simple reset on error
Boiler safety valve

Capacity products Rubino 200
coffee beans 2.0 kg
instant Coffee 0.7 kg
Milk 0.85 kg
Chocolate 1.7 kg
Tea 2.35 kg
sugar 2.0 kg
Glasses (i 70 mm) 195
Pallets 180
Independent water tank 20 l