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Flymax fully automatic distributor, model F300


Coffee's new generation capacity (autonomy) of:

- 300 cups

- 300 pallets

- Soluble container 3 or 4 chocolate, milk, tea and a sugar

- Container of coffee beans

This model offers 12 or 20 selections / products, depending on the model F300 or F300 Dek

The Dek F300 offers the possibility of using decaffeinated coffee or soluble coffee (instant) and products that may have decaf coffee or soluble composition. Kit is included in the price of water has a capacity of 15 l.
short coffee
coffee normal
long coffee
Coffee with chocolate
Coffee with milk
warm milk
hot chocolate
Milk chocolate
hot tea

This model has the following characteristics:

  1. electronic board
  2. LCD Display
  3. external keypad display. This keyboard allows programming products, their concentration, their length and other parameters important for the proper functioning of the device.
  4. counter products that offer the possibility of stop functioning after a certain no. portions.
  5. 24 VDC devices
  6. interface for any system of payment: COIN reader notes or CashCode
  7. steel structure
  8. Net weight: 65 kg;
  9. Dimensions: (L x h x l) 560 x 1640 x 480
  10. Voltage: 230/120 V 50/60 Hz; Power: 1400 W
  11. Pressure: 2.5 bar