Lavazza EP2100 renting + Lavazza capsules




A pleasant taste, strong deep creamy flavor. The perfect blend of strength and sweetness 
Combination of the best Arabica coffee from Central and South America - 40% and the finest African Robusta Coffee - 60% 
The flavor and strength - strong, persistent 
A strong blend with a lingering sweet taste. 
A creamy espresso with a strong aroma and persistent 
A special grinding regulations, which makes it perfect for preparing espresso and a long






A coffee with a sweet and creamy taste. The perfect blend of strength, creaminess and sweetness 

Blend of the best Brazilian and Central American Arabica - 40% and finest Indonesian Robusta coffee  - 60%

Sweet and creamy flavor. Consistency and persistence 
An espresso coffee with an intense flavor and creamy




Sistema EP

Le macchine

Lavazza EP 2100 is a compact, versatile, easy to use, suitable for any environment. Due to the high automation and functional capsule has never been easier so you can enjoy your favorite drink. Research Espresso Point meets Pininfarina design to create a masterpiece.

Lavazza Point Manual. Beautiful design made ​​by the famous Italian designer Pininfarina


Height (H) 34.5 cm 
Width (L) 30.5 cm 
Depth (P) 27.5 cm 
Water tank capacity 3.5 l. 
Use simple. 
No dosage problems - 7 g / capsule 
Capsules containing fresh organic packaged in a protective environment 
Maintenance simple, quick cleaning 
The location can be in any space 
Low power consumption

Available by monthly rent in Arad, Timis and Bihor.