Accesso offers the following services:

  • SALES of equipment and professional coffee machines of the follwoing brands: SAECO and FLYMAX
  • Warranty and post warranty REPAIRS for all types of vending and coffee machines
  • ADVICE for choosing the right coffee machine for your business needs
  • ASSISTENCE CENTER and REPLACEMENT PARTS for Saeco coffee machines and FLYMAX vending
  • SELLING of true italian espresso coffee: SERIO and VICERE


For Western Romania (Arad , Timis, Bihor, Hunedoara) :

  • RENT of automatic espresso machines
  • DEPLOYMENT of vending machines in various locations
  • SERVICE CONTRACT for professional espresso machines (includes monthly visit on site)
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE for emergency repairs
  • TRAINING of bartenders for making proper espresso and coffee based drinks, following the Italian tradition
  • Serio and Vicere coffee TASTING within our showroom.

Facilitate of selling in rates!!!

Now you can buy coffee machines in rates!!!

Within 24 hours of submitting the documents you will receive a response for your purchase request.
I.  Clients: business and self employed individuals

II. Conditions:

  • minimum amount financed: 1.000 Euro(excl. VAT);
  • advance 0%;
  • Contract period: 12-48 months (sale in installments);
  • electronic product insurance: 1.75% fixed assets; 3% movable assets, min 50 Euro;
  • comission: 1%, min 75 Euro (paid once after the contract is signed);

III. Documents checklist:


  • Information, general information on the company ( completion of a form );
  • Balance on the last calendar year;
  • Society associations signed authorization for persons representing the company in the negotiation and signing of the contract, including copies of identity documents. If the company has one sole member a copy of his identity card will suffice;
  • Copy of customer signature from the bank.

Self Employed Individuals

  • Information, general information of the claimed profession ( completion of a form );
  • Authorization for your profession;
  • Copies of last year's tax return;
  • Copy of customer signature from the bank.


For additional informations please contact us.